The 29 DAYS Workplace Solution

You’re not the only professional who believes that poor health, obesity, inactivity and ineffective communication skills can have a dramatic effect on a company’s profitability.

“For every dollar we’ve spent on wellness activities over the past 5 years, we’ve saved $7 in health plan costs. Additionally, our claims for workers comp have been about 22% lower. We feel this is a direct result of our workplace wellness program.”

~ Ann Marie Shandley, HR Director, City of Maple Grove, MN

“Employees say they want their employer’s help in getting healthy. The evidence shows that health and productivity programs can make a real difference to an organization’s bottom line. There are unrelenting pressures on employers and employees today, but improving employee health is an opportunity for a true win-win.”

~ Wendy Poirier, Towers Watson

What is 29 DAYS?


29 DAYS is a convenient and cost effective way for your business to help its most valuable asset become even better.

The 29 DAYS programs teach people how to achieve their most desirable goals—losing weight, maintaining an exercise program, quitting smoking and communicating effectively—by creating healthy new habits in just 29 days that will produce an immediate result for your corporation.

These programs are based on the fundamental logic of a famous quote by Albert Einstein ...  “One cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place.”

Over a span of a single month, a 29 DAY program will change one's mindset ... in a profound way. In fact, in just 29 days it will be impossible for a participant to ever go back to his or her old way of thinking!

Most of us know what we should be doing differently, but we don’t know how to change. Research shows that the greatest obstacle to positive change is monitoring our own behavior. That’s why we created an interactive virtual coach to give you all the support, encouragement and guidance you need along the way.


29 DAYS:

  • Is a positive employee appreciation gift ... for life
  • Encourages healthy habits
  • Reduces sick days, absenteeism and presenteeism while increasing employee productivity
  • Increases self-confidence by creating desirable new habits and behaviors
  • Can be customized to virtually any specifications