Mastering information and email for maximum productivity

Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed by the relentless barrage of information and email overload?

Have the lines between work and leisure fused together into a swirling orbit of never-ending texts, messages and tasks?


By early afternoon many of us feel the life force drain from our bodies as we struggle with the overwhelming task of trying to keep up. 

We’re living in constant reaction; just as we answer one email we receive two more. We barely complete one project when we suddenly realize that another is behind schedule.


The Cost


The unrelenting demand of 24-hour availability is causing stress levels to rise, health costs to soar, and individual productivity to plummet.

  • Up to 80% of all visits to primary care physicians are caused by stress.
  • Information-overload costs the U.S. economy over a trillion dollars a year.
  • Studies confirm that multitasking results in a 50% increase in errors and a 40% reduction in productivity.



The Solution


By understanding how to wield the powerful tools of modern communication you’ll learn ...

  • How to reduce stress and increase your health, memory and cognition.
  • To overcome multitasking and dramatically boost your productivity.
  • To develop the mind-set to eliminate information-overload.
  • How to proactively draw clear lines between work and leisure.


Ultimately you’re responsible for what happens in your life, and the price you pay is up to you. The cost can easily balloon into a lifetime of anger, stress and frustration, or you can invest a small amount of time to master the simple “new” skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.