I've registered for this program, so why am I not receiving my daily emails?

To make sure your program emails don't get caught in your SPAM filter, please take a moment to add to your email program's 'whitelist' or 'list of safe senders.

If you're not sure how to do that, here are some handy guides on whitelisting using using the most common email programs. 


What happens if I miss a few days of this program?

It's important that you follow the program each and every day. Our research shows the importance of consistent focus of a singular subject over a period of time. However, “life” occasionally gets in the way ... you’re called out of town, your email breaks down or your kids get the flu. When these unavoidable interruptions occur you can always go back and catch up on the days you missed. For example, on day eight you won't have access to day nine, but you will have access to days 1 through 8.


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