About Us

Richard FastFor more than 30 years Richard has pursued his passion of unraveling the riddle of human behavior and how we can learn to take greater control of the hidden forces that shape our lives

As an entrepreneur he’s the creator of MindTrap games and more than 30 other puzzles, games and products that have sold millions of copies worldwide.

As an ardent researcher Richard created a series of behavioral change programs under the banner of 29 DAYS™, which has been modeled by the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change, a popular platform that has been adopted by many health and wellness organizations.

In the 29 DAYS™ programs participants embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery by traveling through the four phases of behavioral change; Awareness, Commitment, Action and Sustainability.

People often try to transform their lives through willpower, resolutions and motivational hype, but these are short-term fixes that fail to address the real driving forces behind our deeply ingrained habits and behaviors. Real change doesn’t happen by attempting to climb mythical mountains, reciting incantations or self-denial, it happens through a shift in awareness, insight and understanding. Under the right guidance people self-discover the mystical “Aha” of a better, simpler and more efficient way of doing something, and within that realization is sewn the seed of new behaviors, habits and beliefs.

Richard and his wife Michele live in Canada and share a passion for fitness, great food, and fine wine … “usually” in that order.

29 DAYS ... to managing "information-overload" and stress!

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